User-Trade Channel

Get user trade data

Pushing Rules

  1. No user login required
  2. Qualified orders will be pushed (Successfully placed an order, Partially filled, Fully filled, Canceled)


{"op": "subscribe", "args": ["spot/user/order:BTC_ USDT"]}

spot/user/order is the channel name, BTC_USDT is the trading pair


(Note: This data is displayed after decompression, Refer to Data Compression for details)


Return Parameter Description:

Parameter Type Description
symbol string Trading pair, BTC_USDT
order_id string Order ID
price string Order price
size string Order quantity
notional string The purchase amount, returned when buying at market price; otherwise, an empty string is returned
side string buy or sell
type string limit or market
ms_t string Timestamp (in milliseconds)
filled_size string Filled size (Base currency)
filled_notional string Filled notional amount (Quote currency)
margin_trading string 0:Spot order
order_type string Order type(0:Regular, 1:Maker only(Post only), 2:Fill or kill(FOK), 3:Immediate or Cancel(IOC))
state string Order state
1=Order failure
2=Placing order
3=Order failure, Freeze failure
4=Order success, Pending for fulfilment
5=Partially filled
6=Fully filled
last_fill_price string Latest trade price(0 if not filled)
last_fill_count string Latest trade quantity(0 if not filled)
last_fill_time string Latest trade time(0 if not filled) millisecond

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