Instruction Format

Login Subscription Format

{"op":"login","args":["<API_KEY>", "<timestamp>", "<sign>"]}

API_KEY: The user's API key

timestamp: Timestamp, the unit is milliseconds, it will expire after 60 seconds

sign: Signature, sign=CryptoJS.HmacSHA256("" + "#" + "" + "#" + "bitmart.WebSocket", secret)


Assume that the values of the API requested by the user is as follows:


API_KEY = "80618e45710812162b04892c7ee5ead4a3cc3e56"

API_SECRET = "6c6c98544461bbe71db2bca4c6d7fd0021e0ba9efc215f9c6ad41852df9d9df9"

API_MEMO = "test001";

   echo -n '1589267764859#test001#bitmart.WebSocket' | openssl dgst -sha256 -hmac "6c6c98544461bbe71db2bca4c6d7fd0021e0ba9efc215f9c6ad41852df9d9df9"
 (stdin)= 3ceeb7e1b8cb165a975e28a2e2dfaca4d30b358873c0351c1a071d8c83314556
  • Request

    {"op": "login", "args": ["80618e45710812162b04892c7ee5ead4a3cc3e56", "1589267764859", "3ceeb7e1b8cb165a975e28a2e2dfaca4d30b358873c0351c1a071d8c83314556"]}
  • Response

If return data does not contain the error_code field, it indicates success


Note: If the login fails, the link will be automatically disconnected

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