Public-Trade Channel

Get the latest trade data

Pushing Rules

  1. No user login required
  2. After subscribing, the current data will be returned directly, and then the changes will be pushed


{"op": "subscribe", "args": ["spot/trade:BTC_USDT"]}

spot/trade is the channel name, BTC_USDT is the trading pair


(Note: This data is displayed after decompression, Refer to Data Compression for details)

    "table": "spot/trade",
    "data": [{
        "symbol": "ETH_USDT",
        "price": "162.12",
        "side": "buy",
        "size": "11.085",
        "s_t": 1542337219

Return Parameter Description:

Parameter Type Description
symbol string Trading pair, BTC_USDT
side string Side of trade(buy or sell
price string Trade price
size string Trade quantity
s_t long Timestamp (in seconds)

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