Public-Depth Channel

Return the depth data

Pushing Rules

  1. No user login required
  2. After subscribing, the current data will be returned directly, and then the changes will be pushed


{"op": "subscribe", "args": ["spot/depth5:BTC_USDT"]}

spot/depth5 is the channel name and BTC_USDT is the trading pair

Channel List
Channel Name Description
spot/depth5 5 Level Depth Channel
spot/depth50 50 Level Depth Channel
spot/depth100 100 Level Depth Channel

(Note: This data is displayed after decompression, Refer to Data Compression for details)

            "ms_t": 1542337219120

Return Parameter Description:

Parameter Type Description
symbol string Trading pair, BTC_USDT
asks List Ask depth
bids List Bid depth
ms_t long Timestamp (in millisecond)


An example of the array of asks and bids values: ["411.8","10"]. 411.8 is the price, and 10 is the quantity.

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